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League of Legends PC

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185 RP

185 RP

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725+25 RP

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1325+100 RP

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2650+250 RP

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4350+650 RP

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8675+1575 RP

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This product does not support account recharge on mainland China servers and Korean servers.

Game Introduction:League of Legends is a MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena)game where two teams of five players battle on a virtual game map.

Each player chooses their own character(champion)and earns money and experience by defeating enemies,killing monsters,capturing towers,etc.Players can then upgrade their skills and equipment to ultimately compete for the enemy base victory.

Game Features:

Diverse champion selection:League of Legends offers hundreds of different champions,each with unique skills and characteristics.

Strategic gameplay:League of Legends battles require not only skill and reaction time,but also strategy and teamwork from players.

Community and esports:The League of Legends community is very active and competitive,with hundreds of worldwide esports competitions held each year.

Game Honors:

In 2014,League of Legends became one of the most popular games and won the Global Game Awards.

In 2016,the League of Legends Championship Series achieved record-breaking success with over 80,000 online viewers.

League of Legends is the official game of many esports organizations,including the North American and European LCS,China's LPL,and Korea's LCK.