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Genshin Impact(Battle Pass)

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Gnostic Hymn

Gnostic Hymn

USD 9.199.99



Gnostic Chorus

Gnostic Chorus

USD 18.3719.99


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This product is a login recharge product, and users are required to provide their account and password to recharge.

Please do not log in to the game during the recharge process. It is recommended to change the account password after the recharge is completed.

Tip: Currently only logging in with HoYoverse account is supported for recharging (direct third-party login methods such as FB and X are not currently supported). Please first bind your HoYoverse account before recharging. If you have any questions, please consult customer service.

Add customer service line to make verification faster

Please be sure to fill in the required information accurately to prevent your stored value from being credited in time.


【Applicable platforms】

Mobile game terminal, PC terminal

【Applicable regional servers】

International server

【Required information】

Server+Game UID+account+password+character name

【Stored value reward】

If it is your first time to recharge, you will receive additional in-game recharge rewards. Please refer to the in-game recharge rules for details.

【Result of stored value】

After recharging successfully, you can go to the game to view