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300 Coupons

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Please be sure to fill in the required information accurately to prevent your recharge from not being credited in time.

About Badlanders:

Badlanders is a survival looter shooter mobile game launched by NetEase Games. Here, upon the ruins of a once-great civilization, scavengers fight for treasure and glory. The Red Beach Sanctuary once housed the world's most advanced weapon tech but, in the face of natural disasters, became a beacon for the preservation of science and technology for all mankind. However, it was short-lived as war broke out and the preservation plan collapsed. The only things left on that bloody beach are massive ruins, competing scavengers, and endless opportunities... Gear up and get ready to enter the hot zone of riches and danger!


【Applicable Platform】

Mobile game

【Applicable Server】

International server

【Required Information】

UID + Character Name

【Recharge Reward】

If you are recharging for the first time, you will receive additional in-game recharge rewards. Please refer to the in-game recharge rules for details.

【Recharge Result】

After the recharge is successful, you can check it in the game.